Recore’s story

Recore was founded on 12 September 2012 by Leif Chr. Salomonsen and Runar Nilsen. The objective with Recore is to offer restructuring management, in addition to handling of business areas that are no longer considered core business. There is a recognition in both cases that these are separate disciplines in which few others offer this expertise in the Nordic countries.

Recore works together with clients as an integrated part of the existing management and contributes with operational and financial restructuring expertise, based on extensive experience. This is an entirely different methodology from a more analysis-based, outside-in approach, and distinguishes itself from the established consulting services and traditional interim management.

Since its launch, Recore has been busy with many exciting and challenging assignments in various in industries, in Norway, Sweden and a number of other countries.

In 2016, Anette Malm Justad joined as partner. Annette became acquainted with Recore when, as chairperson in a company, she worked closely with Recore in a larger restructuring of the company. With her addition, Recore has gained additional industry experience, including from shipping and industry.

Recore has an extensive network of affiliates, which creates a flexible organisation and can therefore staff projects adapted to the client’s needs.

In 2022, Recore will pass ten exciting years, and looks forward to continuing to assist Nordic companies, international owners and banks/bondholders, by increasing their values in challenging situations.

In 2022, Leif Chr. Salomonsen resigned as partner in the company.