Recore’s core competencies are operational and financial management in challenging situations, across industries and international borders, where considerable values are at stake.

From experience, Recore’s services function best for medium-sized and larger companies, often with international operations. We have assisted owners, lenders, boards and management in both private and listed companies, companies with considerable state ownership and family-owned companies. We find that especially with assistance to international owners/lenders, local language and cultural understanding, in addition to restructuring expertise, is important.

Recore’s concept is independent of industry, but the partner’s cumulative experience covers a wide spectrum of industries, including petroleum, shipping, mining, civil engineering, metalworking industry, IT/Telecom, hotel/restaurant services/beverages and retail/trade/distribution.

The roles Recore undertake are situational and have included chairman of the board/board member, Chief Restructuring Officer (CRO), Restructuring Project Manager, and interim positions in change processes as CEO and CFO.

Common features for our assignments:

  • financial challenges are often symptoms of a need for operational restructuring
  • challenging situations are often best solved with additional resources that have done this many times before
  • the sooner one recognises the need for help, the greater the chance of success.

One of Recore’s mottoes is: “There’s a difference between having read about the war and having been in it.” At Recore, everyone has experienced the challenges personally, and know what is required in terms of determination, will and long days to implement necessary measures quickly – an experience that cannot be gained from books.