CRO and change management

Restructuring and turnaround is a specialist skill. When restructuring a company, Recore’s contribution is often in taking on the role as CRO – Chief Restructuring Officer, and to head the restructuring project office by acting as the project manager. In the CRO role, we primarily focus on the financial and operational restructuring, in close cooperation with the CEO and CFO. Implementing this requires broad management and restructuring experience – which everyone at Recore possesses.

The CRO’s areas of responsibility will often include:

  • Securing necessary liquidity to allowing ample time to “fuel” the restructuring
  • Preparing a realistic business plan with focus on both short-term and long-term challenges
  • Managing the restructuring work
  • Managing negotiations with creditors and other stakeholders and securing good cooperation
  • Identifying solutions in the work to find arrangements with unsecured creditors
  • Facilitating and participating in M&A related works
  • Contributing to establishing long-term solutions for capitalisation (debt and equity)