Why we do it

Recore restores stakeholders’ values and save jobs

The core of our business is to restore values and save jobs by successfully transform under-performing enterprises and implement lasting changes. The latter is a prerequisite in order to prevent repeated restructuring. Furthermore, a business does not have to be broken in order to be fixed. The sooner you accept that your business is underperforming the greater is the value creation potential.

Saving and restoring values

There are multiple reasons why an enterprise underperforms – the root causes. These are found both externally and internally. On the other hand, the symptoms are nearly always found in the financial metrics. Most enterprises get this wrong and work with the symptoms rather than attacking the root causes. Fixing the (financial) symptoms rather than attacking the underlying operational challenges creates limited value in the long run.

The impact of failing to save corporate value is not a matter for stockholders and lenders only – loss of jobs has dramatic consequences for those affected. Other groups that depend on the success of the company are indirect labour, local community, suppliers, etc.

Recore’s two main objectives are to create value and save jobs. One important requisite is to establish a general acceptance for turnaround and restructuring management as an indispensable skill in the Nordic countries. In order to enhance this development we are engaged with selected business schools throughout the Nordic region where we lecture students at postgraduate management courses.