Recore - Brutally honest

Seasoned business executives

The Recore Team consists of seasoned international business executives specializing in realizing the full value potential locked-in in underperforming businesses.

Managing the restructuring of underperforming enterprises and subsequently implementing lasting changes is significantly different from running the day-to-day business. This requires a different set of skills, experience and courage. This is the bedrock of Recore.

To minimize risk and maximize stakeholder value in such situations require vast experience and unique skills. Such experience and skills are exactly what the Recore Team members possess.

The Recore Team has extensive experience and demonstrated ability in taking medium sized and large underperforming businesses through troubled waters, relying on Recore’s collective experience as Chairmen, CEOs, CFOs, COOs and CROs (Chief restructuring Officer).

We thrive when dealing with negative cash flow; tight liquidity; operational challenges; aggressive creditors; impatient board members; owners and lenders; disillusioned management; employee frustration; aggressive trade unions; media scrutiny; local community anxiety; and demanding politicians.

Every client assignment is different. Consequently we compose our teams with a blend of senior executive experience and specialist competence combined with junior analytical skills carefully considering the nature and particulars of every case.

Leif Chr. Salomonsen

Founding Partner
+47 992 42 888
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Leif is a calm and structured leader with a twinkle in his eye. He is always focused on achieving results and making progress. Whilst at the same time, he is a good listener and is interested in those around him. He is a likeable, predictable and focused leader who tells it straight and believes in firm leadership.

Runar Nilsen

Founding Partner
+47 906 97 912
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Runar is an experienced leader who, at a quick glance, can detect any error in cash management and control of working capital. He is a stayer and has demonstrated the ability to see possibilities and find solutions balancing various stakeholders’ interests when corporate values ​​are at stake.

Annette Malm Justad

+47 952 09 396
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Annette is an enthusiastic leader who communicates in a direct, but respectful way, at all levels of the organization. She believes in team deliveries and has a passion for challenges. She has a wealth of experience from restructuring international enterprises and working across cultures, both at board level and as head of corporate management.

Thomas Johannessen

+47 415 33 770
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Thomas is an experienced CFO with substantial industrial and retail background. He always approaches challenges with a hands-on approach, enjoys digging into the details, albeit never losing track of the strategic perspective. Thomas has proven ability to manage cash flow, broken processes and deal with internal and external pressures in severe and complex situations where prioritizing actions, implementing solutions and leading staff has been the name of the game.

Ole Enger

Associate partner
+47 911 38 223
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Ole is a very experienced and enthusiastic leader who firmly believes in empowering individuals and let the decision making be close to where the values are created. Having served global industrial enterprises for decades he has proven over and over again that top-heavy organizations is not a recipe for success. His communication is direct and he has a strong track record of developing top leaders.

Tore Grøttum

Associate partner
+47 924 44 024
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Tore is a very safe pair of hands with broad CFO experience from multiple industries. In new situations he zooms in fast and sorts out the important issues from the surrounding noise. Long experience with listed companies ensures knowledge and capability in handling formal and informal requirements imposed by different stakeholders. He is creative and solution oriented and always focuses on improvements.

Carl Gyllfors

Associate partner
+46 (0)70 676 21 07
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Carl is an experienced leader with huge experience from large and complex organisations. He is both very creative and focused on results and enjoys leading businesses through difficult times. Owners and companies with clear values have a strong partner in Carl.

Lazarus Advisory

Alliance Partner, Sweden

Recore has established a strategic alliance with Swedish turnaround advisory firm Lazarus to increase the capacity and presence in the Swedish market.

Lazarus Advisory Services AB is a company established in 2017 by the experienced banking and restructuring professional Claes Jonson.